19.6 Exercises

The Borealian Aeronautic Security Agency (BASA) runs pre-board screening of passengers and crew for all flights departing the nation’s airfields.

There are 4 Major Airfields:

  • Auckland

  • Chebucto

  • Saint-François

  • Queenston

The screening process (PBS) is structurally similar at each airfield:

  1. Passengers arrive at the beginning of the main queue

  2. Boarding passes may or may not be scanned at S_1

  3. Passengers enter the main queue

  4. Boarding passes are scanned at S_2

  5. Passengers are directed to a server entry position

  6. Passengers and carry-on luggage are screened by a server

Some factors influence the PBS wait time, including:

  • schedule intensity of departing flights

  • passenger volume on these flights

  • number of servers and processing rates at a given airfield, etc.

There might also be:

  • yearly, seasonal, time-of-day, day-of-week interaction effects (among others) depending on the airfield, the flight destination, etc.

  • trend level shifts in the number of passengers, flights, destinations, etc.

Four datasets are available: 20262030.csv, BASA_AUC_2028_912.csv, dat_F_sub.csv, dat_P_sub_c.csv.

  1. Build a data dictionary for the datasets

  2. Explore and visualize the datasets

  3. Perform a queueing model analysis to predict the wait times at each airfield for which you have data.

Use Case Study ?? to inform your analysis.