The Practice of Data Visualization (Course Notes)

  The Practice of Data Visualization

     The Practice of Data Visualization

      387 pages | July 2023 | DAL/Quadrangle
      DUDADS Volumes: [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | PDV]

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Preface and Contents | Exercises | Index and Bibliography

Part I: A Data Visualization Primer
Chapter 01: Data Visualization Essentials (28 pages)
Chapter 02: Data Visualization and Exploration (18 pages)
Chapter 03: Hall-of-Fame / Hall-of-Shame (12 pages)

Part II: The Foundations of Visual Design
Chapter 04: The Mechanics of Visual Perception (18 pages)
Chapter 05: Visual Design and Data Charts (20 pages)
Chapter 06: Universal Design and Accessibility (8 pages)

Part III: Visualization and Storytelling
Chapter 07: Stories and Storytelling (38 pages)
Chapter 08: Effective Storytelling Visuals (26 pages)

Part IV: Some Practical Aspects of Data Visualization
Chapter 09: Visualization Toolbox (22 pages)
Chapter 10: Visualization Software (12 pages)
Chapter 11: Basic Visualizations in R (24 pages)
Chapter 12: ggplot2 Visualizations in R (74 pages)
Chapter 13: Power BI for Beginners (38 pages)

Back Cover Blurb: "Unlock the art and science of visualizing data with The Practice of Data Visualization, a comprehensive manual designed by Patrick Boily, Stephen Davies, and Jen Schellinck. Rooted in a multidisciplinary approach, it offers a complete guide to both the fundamentals and the intricate aspects of data visualization.

Beginning with a primer on essential concepts, you’ll navigate through the psychology of visual perception and the aesthetics of design, discovering how to craft compelling and accurate visual stories along the way, culminating with an in-depth look at practical tools and techniques, from the essentials of R and ggplot2 to an introductory guide to Power BI.

While standing as a formidable companion to the workshops offered by the authors, The Practice of Data Visualization also complements the Data Understanding, Data Analysis, and Data Science series, filling in the visual dimension of data science in an accessible and thorough manner. From the mechanics of colour and form to the complexities of accessibility and storytelling, these course notes take you on a journey through every facet of data visualization, making it an indispensable resource for professionals, students, and anyone interested in the visual representation of data. Dive in as a supplement to guided courses or savour it as a standalone text -- either way, may your visualizations always display in your favour."