Data Understanding, Data Analysis, Data Science (Course Notes)

  Data Understanding, Data Analysis, Data Science

   Volume 2: Fundamentals of Data Insight

     Data Understanding, Data Analysis, Data Science

      310 pages | January 2024 | Quadrangle
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Chapter 13: Non-Technical Aspects of Quantitative and Data Work (54 pages)
      P. Boily (with contributions from B. Rayfield and J. Schellinck)
Chapter 14: Data Science Basics (70 pages)
      P. Boily and J. Schellinck
Chapter 15: Data Preparation (50 pages)
      P. Boily
Chapter 16: Web Scraping and Automatic Data Collection (64 pages)
      P. Boily (with contributions from A. Macfie)
Chapter 17: Data Engineering and Data Management (24 pages)
      A. Maheshwari
Chapter 18: Data Exploration and Data Visualization (32 pages)
      P. Boily (with contributions from E. Gashim and M. Pelletier)

Back Cover Description: "Continue your journey into the world of data science with Volume 2 of Patrick Boily's comprehensive series, Data Understanding, Data Analysis, and Data Science. A vital resource for academics and professionals alike, Fundamentals of Data Insight serves both as a practical and a philosophical guide to the discipline.

Step beyond the quantitative and into the non-technical facets of data work—ethics, teamwork, and decision-making—before moving into the essential technical domains, including data preparation, automated data collection and web scraping, data engineering, and management (the latter presented in a condensed chapter by A. Maheshwari).

Volume 2 culminates with the exploration and visualization of data, incorporating insights from collaborators who bring diverse perspectives to this critical aspect of data science (see also Boily, Davies, and Schellinck's The Practice of Data Visualization for more information on the topic). Designed to be tool-agnostic, these course notes exemplify the 'Understanding' that forms the cornerstone of the series.

This volume offers a nuanced understanding of how to obtain actionable insights from data—insights that are not merely numerical but informative. Fundamentals of Data Insight demystifies the complexity of data science and paves the way for informed, ethical decision-making."